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put into flight


Flax Project Space, Belfast

by Hattie Godfrey

Put Into Flight is a durational performance and mixed-media installation that was presented in the Flax Project Space over three concurrent nights (2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2021), from 7pm to 7am.
‘Both the body and the institution are at their most unruly and unstable after sundown. The cover of night creates a hunting ground filled with stale, heavy-hanging time.’

This performance was developed as part of Bbeyond's New Commissions Award 2020/21 and featured in the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festval 2021. Each act of Put Into Flight began at sundown and eased at sunrise. The work casts illness as a form of supervisory staff, a single authority that oversees work, play and sleep. Consisting of three acts over three consecutive nights, this 36-hour performance offers a window into the Hattie’s fluctuating relationship with illness. We see as she denies its existence, surrenders to its power and attempts to escape its confinement. Chase, Capture, Escape.

More details can be found at Bbeyond, CQAF and Belfast Times.

Photography by Jordan Hutchings

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