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other projects


Collaboration is a crucial element of Hattie's practice and as such she has worked and performed with a vide variety of practitioners over the years including Michelle Williams Gamaker, Noe Iwai, Christopher Bond, Seren Metcalfe, Elise Guillaume, Macarena Losada and more. 

Below are a few selected works from these collaborations:


life drawing

In 2019 Hattie cofounded Figure This, a body positive platform with a focus on sharing creative ways to celebrate and connect with the human body.

Figure This now provides in-person, online, special, private and on-demand life drawing classes across Belfast and beyond. Their classes cater for all levels of experience and they are deeply committed to creating a space that is friendly, supportive and inclusive for both artists and life models. Hattie is the Creative Director of Figure This as well as lead teacher. 

In 2022 Hattie started teaching life drawing at The Crescent Arts Centre and currently has two weekly courses running, one for absolute beginners and the other for 16-18 year-olds. 


soft failure

Their current collaborative project is an experimental devised piece that has been developed through improvisation and discussion. Whilst they employ a diverse range of multi-media, performance skills and references, at the project’s heart is collaboration and the creation of a shared way of working.

Their statement for their current work in progress reads:

 With a soundtrack of laughing skeletons and deleted voice notes, four performers take you across the border, bring you a glass of wine on the plane and then betray you.


A group of bored-looking performers encircle a table. In the centre of the table, a phone plays a lost voice note. Scattering, these weary figures go through a series of transformations as they perform martial arts sequences, are followed by a small ghost, and become collectively a large, meandering bug.

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