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inmate 2022_edited.jpg



Platform Arts Belfast

by Hattie Godfrey
performers: Mark Cousins, Jack Elmore, Amanda Fawn Rankin, Sam Finnegan, Tommy Love, Claire McKervey, Charlie Rydzewski
and Niamh Seana Meehan.

inmate is a 42 hour performance set within an immersive mixed media installation.

The work is the performative culmination of a two-year project working with individuals living with chronic /& long-term health conditions. Conversations, photographs, notations, drawings and audio recordings were collated, analysed and transformed into a single durational enactment that presents a collective narrative and understanding of chronic illness.

In this performative installation, pyjamaed bodies drift across a pale landscape, sometimes in silence, sometimes during blaring melody and sometimes, wearing a large polar bear head. They fold, they leak, they find, they connect, they melt, they bury and eventually, they fail. The result is an exhaustive prayer, repetitive and unending.

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